Some of the companies will simply sell you the product, which is the easy part. Our attention to detail and our after sales support that sets us apart from the rest. Media Electronics provide a comprehensive AV installation service for all the products and systems we sell. We have the trained staff for service support facilities. AV maintenance contracts are available to cover most items of the equipment and installations. Media Electronics will provide you elegant solution for your Universities, Auditoriums, Cinemas, Conference rooms, Legislative Halls in respect of Audio Visual needs.

Media Electronics is providing Conference and Event Production services since very long. Most of the leading companies as well as Government organizations hire our services for the arrangement and recording of their events. High profile Seminars are also organized and covered by our expert team at very good packages.

Before you commit elsewhere speak to us, we could save you a significant amount of money, time and hassle. 

Media Electronics is in the Equipment Hire Business since long, we have full range of HD video production as well as sound & lighting equipment available on daily and weekly hire at  very good prices. Satellite booking and DSNG facilities can be arranged upon your request. We also have professional JIB, car mount and track on rental. If you need any more service please free to call/email us for your requirement.


Media Electronics offers Multiple channels per carrier (MCPC) service on a satellite transmission platform. Digital audio, video and other broadcast carrier signals are multiplexed into a single digital data stream, which results in reduced satellite transponder usage and lower transmission costs per channel.


Whether you are a Broadcasting network demanding a complex multi-channel Playout or a single channel start-up, Media Electronics will ensure it provides you with the most cost effective solution without compromising on quality.

We allow you to control your channel, giving remote access to fine tune every tiny bit at your ease.


Media Electronics provides high quality re-broadcasting services to TV channels and IPTV providers. Our IPTV down-link services include down-link of your content from satellite then encode that signal into the required format for it to be re-distributed over the internet.


At Media Electronics, we can provide you with temporary and permanent solutions from live events coverage to breaking news and more. 


We can help you with broadcast licencing and fulfill legal requirements for your projects to go live. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

We are in the video production business and provide a full range of Video production services. If you need filming, editing, copying, duplicating, or producing any sort of programs, you are at the right place.

Four to five camera OB facilities are available whereas larger setups can be arranged upon request. With on-line switching and it’s post-production facilities, our staff fulfills your requirements under tight schedules. Live satellite coverage facility is also available.