Currently Media Electronics Private Limited consists of the following departments:

Comprises of highly professional and vastly experienced individuals, who are providing the most suitable and economical system designing of projects in industrial, commercial and residential sectors. The scope of activities covered by the departments includes planning the system with respect to building size/utility, detailed design, production of design drawings and tender documents.

Moreover these departments are also involved in the execution, monitoring, supervision & coordination of work and projects and provides timely feedback to the clients. Procurement of equipment, record keeping and updating and deliveries of the same to clients are also the responsibilities of these departments.

The real competent personnel of these departments are responsible for the promotion, marketing and sales of the professional electronics/ mechanical equipment.

Undoubtedly, after the connection of the company with international market this department started working extensively and has always provided timely and correct information  to the clients depending upon their inclination, their budget and their requirements. It has always devised new ways and means with the changing requirements and has kept the company and the clients equipped with the latest technologies and innovations.

The products of our principals are known to the Pakistan market because of the untiring and devoted efforts of the departments. It is only because of these departments that Media Electronics (Pvt) Ltd. is ready to launch new products in the market and keeps on doing better than before.

The real backbone of our company is after sales services (maintenance) department. The core strategy of our company is sales through “After Sales Services”.  The record of our company shows that whenever a client does business with us once, goes to no other party in the future. This is just because we are ever concerned and ready to satisfy all the after sales needs of our clients.

This department is fully equipped with highly educated, extensively experienced and dedicated people who are fully capable and adept to rectify any kind of problem. We always maintain a large inventory of spare parts especially for Absorption by purchasing them along with system and give under warranty emplacement of the same to clients  without wasting the precious time to procure from principal and get the adjustments of the same part(s) from our Principal on Later.

This department is sound enough in the terms of infrastructure and has got sufficient vehicles for transportation. Enough tools for rectification and mobiles phones for communication. We are so much dependent and proud of this department that we have made the quality policy of our company as 

“Customers Satisfaction through Best Services.”