Salient Features

Media Electronics is a dedicated organization of highly educated & extensively experienced professionals having a vast store of technology and expertise in the field of High Tech electronic equipment and installation of most appropriate systems. Media Electronics creates new horizons and adorns it with the ideal qualities of Engineering Services. Media Electronics is giving the solutions to build Audio & Video Studios, FM radio stations, TV transmission equipment, Conference rooms including halls, Cinema Houses, Auditoriums and many more.

During the sales of our products in different departments of the country, the management of Media Electronics seriously thought the necessity of having a good supplier of PA/SIS System, so we became the Partner/ Distributor of Brahler ICS Germany in Pakistan which is one of the most well known Conference Solution provider in the world.



Aim of Media Electronics is to provide the valued clients timely completion of projects with high standard quality of work.

Media Electronics was established in 2005 in Islamabad, Pakistan. After a year, marketing and sales department was set up. It proved to be a turning point in the life of Media Electronics and from that time onwards there has been no looking back and the strive to expansion is on-going.

In 2007 management of Media Electronics felt the necessity of having a good supplier of Conferencing Audio Products and distribution agreement was signed with Brahler ICS Germany.

In 2007 Media Electronics was registered with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and become Media Electronics Private Limited.

In 2008, keeping the policy of advancement, Civil Construction Division  was established.


By continuous improvement in quality of products (though prompt and corrected feed back to principles), workmanship and after sales services the company is rationally willing and aiming to become the market leader. As the demand of this obsession are extremely high so the process of planning and expedition is going on very smoothly. Although the present activities of company are mainly focusing on Electronics field but to make orientation as multidimensional, consistent research, study and correspondence with several vendors  producing mechanical and engineering type equipment is going on.

Media Electronics believes in ongoing evaluations and innovations so is not satisfied with what it has achieved till now.